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During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vital to keep all areas in your house/business cleared of junk, garbage, and debris. We continue to offer our junk removal services following all preventive measures to keep you and our staff safe.

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31 Jan, 2021

Things that Can be Recycled

With the spring season just around the corner, it’s normal for anyone to start decluttering their home! And, while at it, make sure to do this cleanup as eco friendly as possible. That’s why today we’ll show you which are the top junk things that can be recycled. What Makes Certain Things Recyclable ? Have you […]

25 Nov, 2020

Where to Dispose of Concrete

Everyone that has done a construction project knows that it tends to build up large amounts of debris. But, what’s the right way to get rid of concrete waste? Today, we’ll show you where to dispose of concrete and some tips to keep in mind. Top 6 Options on Where to Dispose of Concrete Responsibly […]

29 Oct, 2020

Harmful Effects of E-waste on Environment

E-waste is among the most hazardous types of waste for the world. But why is that so? Today, we’ll teach you which are the top harmful effects of e-waste on the environment. Harmful Effects of E-Waste on Environment You Should Know Of Did you know that around 2.8 million tons of e-waste were generated in […]

29 Sep, 2020

How to Get Rid of Old Refrigerator

Your fridge is probably one of the most essential elements in your kitchen. Being used on a daily basis, it’s only natural for it to suffer from tear and wear. That’s why today we’ll teach you some great ways in how to get rid of old refrigerator. 5 Signs that You Need to Get a […]

27 Aug, 2020

How Long Do Memory Foam Mattresses Last?

Memory foam beds can surely grant you a good night’s sleep. Being a high-end option for homeowners, it’s quite normal to ask yourself how long do memory foam mattresses last. That’s why today we’ll go over the main factors that wear out your mattress and how often you should replace it. How Long Do Memory […]

29 Jul, 2020

How to Get Rid of Old Broken Furniture

Got any old couch or desks just lying around in your garage? Don’t worry, since today we’ll show you the right way in how to get rid of old broken furniture! It’s quite common for homeowners to count on bulky items and large pieces of furniture in their basements or garages. From kitchen appliances like […]

03 Jul, 2020

How to Clean Out a Garage Full of Junk

Did you know that three out of four garages have so much clutter that there isn’t any room for a car? Our garages can be among one of the top clutter spots in our homes. That’s why homeowners must know how to tackle this problem. Here are some simple tips on how to clean out […]

25 May, 2020

How to Get Rid of Stuff

Do you yearn for a clutter-free home? Luckily, there are many ways in which you can achieve it! Learn how to get rid of stuff the right way by reading this article. When it comes to decluttering, many people are often clueless about how to do so. That’s why we’ll share with you some tips […]

02 Apr, 2020

What to Do with Old TV

Got an old TV at your home? Don’t worry, because today we’ll teach you what to do with old tv sets. We’ll show you that there are much better alternatives than just throwing it away! There might be many reasons why you might be looking for ways to get rid of old CRT television sets. […]

01 Mar, 2020

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

Let’s face it: it’s almost inevitable to keep junk out of our homes. That’s why when it comes to removing junk, you should do it as responsibly as possible. Today we’ll teach you the top benefits of eco-friendly junk removal! With all the junk redistributed and hidden in your home (if that is not your […]

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