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How to Get Rid of Stuff: Learn How to Declutter the Right Way

25 May, 2020

How to Get Rid of Stuff

Do you yearn for a clutter-free home? Luckily, there are many ways in which you can achieve it! Learn how to get rid of stuff the right way by reading this article.

When it comes to decluttering, many people are often clueless about how to do so. That’s why we’ll share with you some tips and tricks that’ll help you get rid of clutter in no time! You can be sure that after reading this article you’ll enjoy all the health benefits of decluttering.

So, keep on reading and start tidying up your home!

Why Is It So Hard to Get Rid of Stuff?

Many people tend to find themselves stuck in a rut when it comes to decluttering. And it’s no wonder since it’s only natural to get attached to stuff. It doesn’t matter if they’re any longer useful for us or not.

Because of this attachment, many of us tend to get confused about which items to throw away and which ones to keep. That’s why further on, we’ll teach you how to define which is the stuff you need to let go of.

Besides the fondness of your junk items, many other factors can impede you from decluttering. Some of these often include lack of time and motivation, guilt, and feeling overwhelmed.

For this reason, this blog will show you some key steps that’ll get you on the right track of tidying up your home! Once you know how to declutter your home correctly, you’ll see how getting rid of stuff feels good.

5 Simple Steps in How to Get Rid of Stuff and Achieve a Clutter-Free Home

Although decluttering is more difficult compared to letting things pile up, tidying up can give you the relief you’ve been looking for.

So, don’t know how to start decluttering? Here are five easy ways in how to get rid of stuff:

  1. Define which items need to go.
  2. Make a list detailing which good condition items to keep.
  3. Use cardboard boxes for different decluttering methods.
  4. Make a “decluttering your home” schedule.
  5. Avoid procrastinating.

Let’s go over each of these steps.

Define Which Items Need to Go

Deciding Which Junk to Donate

When it comes to defining which items need to go and which ones to keep, you can start off by asking yourself the following question:

Does this item fulfill a purpose?

In other words, does the item have a goal in your life? Many people get stuck with the sentimental value, instead of the functional one. In fact, one study even shows that when people experience a loss, such as from theft or fire, they struggle most from the emotional damage rather than the financial loss.

For this reason, here are some top items you probably have in your home and should get rid of:

  • Old cable cords
  • Product manuals
  • Board games you don’t play with anymore
  • DVDs and CD collections
  • Worn sheets
  • Printed takeout menus
  • Generic birthday cards

Also, it’s very common for people to count on an old box TV in their home because they’re often clueless about how to dispose of it. After all, the worst someone can do is leave it in the middle of nowhere or, worse yet, dumping it into a landfill.

That’s why when not knowing what to do with old TV sets, we invite you to read our article which talks about four green ways in how to handle them!

Make a List Detailing Which Good Condition Items to Keep

Good Condition Items to Keep

Just like you define which items need to go from your house, you need to know which ones to keep. 

First of all, you need to find out which are things have the same purpose but are just lying around your house. 

For instance, one of these items is eating utensils. We tend to buy more and give us a false sense of selection when, in reality, many of these fulfill the same motive. Unless it’s for measuring, it’s very likely that it’s just taking you space. 

One good rule of thumb is to keep only one item for it’s designated job. Also, be sure to think small when choosing which items need to stay. By writing down the list, you’ll have a better picture of which are the items you’re probably regretting getting rid of.  That way, when decluttering, if an item is not on that list, then you can throw it away!

Lastly, bear in mind that when buying stuff, prioritize buying things you actually need. That’s why carefully planning for dinner parties is vital, since these are a common scenario in which people buy in bulk. 

Use Cardboard Boxes for Different Decluttering Methods

Decluttering Through Konmari Method

When tidying up your home, it can be quite overwhelming for most of us. Luckily, there are many decluttering methods that can suit your style! Some popular decluttering methods include:

  • Konmari method
  • Four box method
  • Minimalist game
  • Closet hanger
  • Minimalist game

In fact, most of these decluttering methods can help give purpose to any cardboard boxes lying around your home. With everything all organized up, you’ll be amazed at how items will now be easy to find! It’s all just choosing which method suits you best.

Make a “Decluttering Your Home” Schedule

Of course, if you want to ensure you’ll tidy up your home, it’s always best to make an action plan. Believe it or not, decluttering can be much more simple when you write down a schedule. In fact, you can make this schedule in a way that only takes you 15 minutes a day! 

When you make a slow, but steady, progress, you’d be amazed at how simple tidying up your home can be. Not only that, but you’ll also feel much less intimidated and overwhelmed.

For this reason, you can see our 30-day plan in which we detail easy 15-minute tasks that can be done every day for a month! That way, you can tackle your clutter without a hassle.

Avoid Procrastinating

Of course, this is a common problem which all of us do. And sadly, we believe that leaving a task of another day makes us productive. However, we end up postponing that task for an endless tomorrow.

That’s why when tidying up your home, we suggest you to just do it. Don’t overthink nor overstress it. With the plan we detailed before, you’ll know the right way in how to get rid of stuff. 

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