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How to Get Rid of Old Broken Furniture in 4 Easy Steps

29 Jul, 2020

How to Get Rid of Old Broken Furniture

Got any old couch or desks just lying around in your garage? Don’t worry, since today we’ll show you the right way in how to get rid of old broken furniture!

It’s quite common for homeowners to count on bulky items and large pieces of furniture in their basements or garages. From kitchen appliances like refrigerators to worn-out unwanted furnishings like couches, disposing of them can be a bit difficult.

In fact, many people just leave them at large landfills. Nonetheless, this option is the worst thing you can do. That’s why today we’ll show you some proper ways of getting rid of old furniture!

Learn How to Get Rid of Old Broken Furniture with These 4 Easy Steps

Whether you’re furnishing your new home or you just want to get rid of that old cabinet that’s been in your garage for years, furniture disposal is many times a hassle. However, by knowing which are the proper ways of getting rid of them, it can be less of an inconvenience.

Many homeowners tend to believe that the best option to discard them merely is dumping them at a landfill. In other cases, it can be leaving it in the middle of the highway. Unfortunately, these options are among the worst choices you can go for!

When you leave furniture in a landfill, you can negatively affect the environment a lot. Not only do landfills waste a ton of resources, but they also release all sorts of hazardous gases as well. Lastly, these options are illegal in most states.

Even though you may think of your broken junk as useless, it may be valuable for others. That’s why today, we’ll show you much better options to handle your old large items.

Here are 4 ways in how to get rid of old broken furniture:

  • Donate it to a local charity center.
  • Be eco-friendly and take it to a recycling facility.
  • Call your junk removal service of choice.
  • You can always sell or trade it.

Donate It to a Local Charity Center 

Donate Old Furnature to a Charity Center

Of course, among the most common options in disposing of used furniture, there’s the choice of donating it.  Whether you’re counting on home or office items, you can be sure that a local charity center can give it good use.

When you give your old furniture to a charitable organization, they can do all sorts of activities for the less fortunate. They can donate or recycle it, as well as use it to raise money for other charitable causes.

Not only will you completely dispose of your old couch, but you get that peace of mind as well. As you may know, there are some families out there that can’t afford to get a bed or a dining table.

Also, another not so known benefit of donating items is that you can get a deduction for your income taxes! By making your donation, you can reduce your adjusted gross income between 20% to 50%. Of course, be aware of the case limits for the donation you’re giving.

Moreover, you’ll want to make the donation to a recognized charity and ask for a receipt as proof.

Lastly, your furniture doesn’t need to be in excellent shape for you to donate it. However, it’s best if the item is in good condition.

Be Eco-Friendly and Take It to a Recycling Facility

Take Appliances to a Recycling Facility

When looking for ways in how to get rid of old broken furniture responsibly, you can’t go wrong with recycling. Many times, donations might not be the best fit for junk disposal. This case is especially true when counting on large electrical appliances, such as old TVs and toaster ovens.

Recycling furniture can apply to all types of items, including couches, tables, chairs, mattresses, and much more! Nevertheless, there are some things you should keep in mind when recycling.

First, keep in mind that you can recycle some items much easier than others. For instance, wood is easier to recycle than metal, since it needs to be made scrap metal first for any useful purpose.

Additionally, you’ll want to be aware that recycling can be a tiring process. In some circumstances, you’ll need to disassemble some furniture to recycle the pieces correctly.

However, the benefits of recycling outweigh the hard work you’ll be doing. One of them is that furniture recycled works excellent for new building material. Not only that, but it also doesn’t need as much energy as making the material from scratch. Lastly, recycling is incredibly environmentally friendly.

Call Your Junk Removal Service of Choice 

Junk Removal Service for Broken Furniture

Ever find yourself cleaning out your garage and you’re simply overwhelmed by the amount of old furniture? Don’t worry, since another excellent option for getting rid of furniture is calling a local junk removal company!

This option is a great solution if you’re looking for an expert to handle the job. In most cases, renting a dumpster can be the best solution for saving time and effort. They usually handle all of the procedures involved in responsible junk removal.

Moreover, quality junk removal companies usually offer free quotes for their furniture removal service. That way, they can get a clear picture of what would be best when handing your furnishings and appliances.

You Can Always Sell or Trade It

Sell or Trade Old Furniture and Appliances

If a dumpster rental isn’t the best solution for you, then another option is either selling or trading it! This alternative can be extremely helpful if you’re in need of extra money.

Believe it or not, your junk can get you some serious cash. By using sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you can make a good deal for your old sofa bed or TV stand.

If cash isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then there’s the option of trading your old furniture. In fact, if you’re a persistent and patient person, you can get some sweet trades. For example, a young man from Montreal, through a series of trades, went from a paper-clip up to a house!

So now that you know the proper ways in how to get rid of old broken furniture, it’s time for you to take action!

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