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Get Junk Pick Up Services to Achieve a Clutter-Free Home

30 Sep, 2019

Reasons to Get Junk Pick Up Services: Achieve a Clutter-Free Home

What are the ideal places to put piles and piles of old things you don’t use anymore? You may consider sheds, basements, garage, storage rooms, under your bed and even in the open in your yard as the perfect place to put useless stuff without taking care of them. Probably, you don’t pay attention to junk and just leave it piling up because you don’t think do any harm. But you will change your mind about it after reading this blog. Here, we’ll talk about the reasons to get junk pick up services.

First things first, what is junk? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, junk is defined as “things that are considered to be of no use or value or of low quality.” Junk is useless. Get rid of it!

Let’s Get Inside of the Mind of People that Collect Junk!

De-Clutter Your Life with Our Junk Removal ServicesPeople may have many reasons to hold onto something, even when this stuff is of no value.

The leading home storage and closet company ClosetMaid conducted a survey on two thousand Americans to identify the reasons behind cluttering habits.

The results were interesting. Over half of the sample size said that they had some sort of cluttering issue—holding on to all sorts of items that they don’t need.

You can find the results of this study in a small article written by the New York Post. Click to read “Americans love hoarding junk.”

So, according to the survey, 57% of the total sample keeps things for sentimental reasons.

Yeah, we have heard that a couple of times.

Some people may say: “I don’t want to throw it away. I don’t. I have memories when I look at some of my stuff.”

Others say some things like: “It’s still in good shape.” Or the old saying: “I might need this someday!” Ha ha ha… Sorry but those excuses made us laugh.

From the people surveyed, they were hoarding 23 items on average.

The average American thinks about de-cluttering their homes six times a year. But the plans differ from reality.

In fact, around 33% of the survey sample postponed throwing out items they didn’t use.

When they were trying to clean and made some space, they put the clutter into a closet, guest room, under their beds, garage, basement, etc. Indeed, they redistributed or “order things”, always sparing old and useless things.

To close our discussion about the article,

garbage-removal-services-junk-out-incHere are the top 10 items Americans like to hoard:

  • Old clothing
  • Seasonal items
  • Old footwear
  • Books
  • Boxes
  • Clothing never worn
  • Old chargers and cables
  • Magazines/newspapers
  • Old movies
  • Outdated electronics

There you have them. They can be the cause of why your home feels smaller and smaller every day.

Top Reasons to Get Junk Pick Up Services and Achieve a Clear, Clutter-Free Home Today!

Our main reason is to tell you that the excuses end today. The path to your new life with a clear, clutter-free home starts now.

One of the reasons to get junk pick up services from Junk Out Inc. is that we have vast experience. In fact, we have more than 25 years taking junk and garbage out of our clients’ lives.

Junk Out IncWe offer our junk removal services to:

We offer our junk removal services to those who are moving. But of course, it is not just moving that makes people need to get rid of useless stuff.

We know that spring cleaning is a big opportunity to get rid of old stuff you no longer use. But even though, you might think that it is an easy task, you should leave this job to experts only.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons to get junk pick up services to handle your trip to the dump or recycling center.

1. Junk Pick Up Services Take Care of Your Time and Money

Firstly, one of the reasons to get junk pick up services is that they value your most precious resources: time and money.

Many times, carrying and disposing of junk can take many hours of your precious time. Some of these hours that can even turn into days and weeks of unwanted work. Junk services will do the same job in just a matter of hours. You won’t need to trouble a friend asking for help.

What about the hassle of paying for bags, boxes, gas, and truck rental? Junk services often save you of those annoying fees that add up over time. They know exactly how much they need for the job, often saving you a lot of money.

2. Junk Services Make Donations to the Community

Junk Pick Up Services Box of Donations

One of the top reasons to get junk pick up services is their contribution to the community.

More often than not, there are items in junk that are not actually junk. Junk hauling services take care of said items. Donations done by junk services often include books, toys, clothing, and even furniture.

Donations done by junk services often end up in shelters and groups that run drives. These drives collect and give away donations to the less fortunate.

You can take advantage of this type of charity work. Considering throwing away that old piece of furniture that is taking you a lot of space? What about those clothes that you no longer use? You can now give it to someone who needs it, instead of ending up in a landfill. Let junk removal services take care of it!

3. Less Clutter Means Less Stress!

De-Clutter Your Life so that You Can Live with Less Stress

It is a no-brainer that piles of junk in your home can do physical and mental damage to you.

According to UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF), there is enough data to link high cortisol levels (a stress hormone) in women who own houses with a “high density of household objects.” So, in other words, the more stuff scattered all around your house, the more stress women will experience.

The thing is that women associate a messy home with failure. So, if you happen to be a man who is reading here, we advise you to keep things in the right place.

We know that for some of us men, it is easy to put up with the mess. We don’t do it with bad intentions, but sometimes we are not careful and create a mess in a couple of minutes.

It’s true; we applaud those men who are neat and organized. That’s the way we all should be.

Sometimes, we tend to buy more things that we would use only once, and then we throw it somewhere in your house. That’s is when we start creating clutter.

Do you feel stressed out? It might be the junk scattered in your yard, basement, or even your living room and rooms.

But don’t worry, you need to make your mind and commit some time to get rid of stuff you don’t need anymore.

If you feel that is stressful, you can let others do the heavy lifting for you. What we are saying is that you can hire a junk removal company to take the extra and useless stuff away from your home.

So, one of the best reasons to get junk pick up services is that you can sit down and relax while we take care of the rest.

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