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Guide to the Top Junk Things that Can be Recycled

09 Dec, 2020

Things that Can be Recycled

With the spring season just around the corner, it’s normal for anyone to start decluttering their home! And, while at it, make sure to do this cleanup as eco friendly as possible. That’s why today we’ll show you which are the top junk things that can be recycled.

What Makes Certain Things Recyclable ?

What Makes Somethings Recyclable

Have you wondered why items such as styrofoam cups, takeout trays, and certain electronics can’t go through the recycling process?

Well, this is usually due to its material. That’s why you must know what makes something recyclable.

When it comes to recyclable items, three main things make them what they are, and those are:

  • Consisting of a homogeneous material
  • Having a way to collect and recycle this material
  • There’s a buyer for the recycled material.

To make things more simple, people tend to use the 4S method. This method classifies something as recyclable if it’s Sortable, consists of a steady Supply, it’s Safe, and it’s Sellable.


As you may already know, all recycling centers count on high machinery that can salvage many materials coming from items.

There are some things, such as cardboard boxes and paper, that are easy to recycle since their material is sortable. However, there are others in which recycling is much more difficult.

For this reason, items should count on a homogeneous basis. That way, this high machinery has a much better time in recovering valuable materials.

Steady Supply

Moreover, recyclable objects often count on a steady supply. That’s why things, such as plastic bags and plastic bottles, are recyclable. They are both day-to-day common items.

If an object isn’t that common, then it’s very likely that it’ll be more difficult to recycle.


While many people believe that items such as batteries and lightbulbs can’t be recyclable, it’s actually quite the contrary. Since these items are hazardous material, they have a higher priority when recycling since they pose a significant threat to the environment.

Hazardous material often needs to go after special care for this process.


Lastly, for items to be recyclable, there must be a demand for them. Since recycling is an extensive process, it’s vital to use these materials again. For this reason, low-quality materials often don’t meet the requirements to be recyclable.

What Can Be Recycled?

What Can Be Recycled

So, what can be recycled? Luckily, most of your day-to-day objects are recyclable. Some of these things include items such as paper, cardboard, glass bottles, and metals. Items like electronic waste, construction debris, and ceramics need to go through a professional junk removal service.

Additionally, you need to know what recyclable curbside means.

Generally speaking, curbside recycling is the type of recycling most homeowners know. After all, it’s the process involving with recycle bins. This type of recycling program is one that involves the first items we mentioned beforehand, such as paper and cardboard.

We then have not curbside recyclable, which includes recycling with junk removal companies. This is where you can recycle items such as kitchen appliances and construction waste.

Top Things that Can Be Recycled with a Junk Removal Company

Here are some things that can be recycled you usually find in your home:

  • Computer monitors and TVs
  • Mattresses
  • Large freezers and refrigerators
  • Construction debris such as concrete blocks
  • Steel coming from cars and appliances.
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